When Skin Has Sprung! Easy Steps to a Beautiful Skin

Many of us leave winter feeling tired, pale, dry and dehydrated.

Our skin becomes dehydrated in the winter months due to less humidity in the air, the cold windy weather, air conditioning and because of the hot showers we take to keep warm.

Spring is the perfect time to prepare our skin for the unsought of summer parties and baring more skin. Our skin also needs to be healthy as it plays and important role in keeping our entire bodies functioning properly. When our skin becomes dehydrated a build up of dead skin occurs, the skin looks dull, dry and lifeless, so the first vital step is the exfoliate. If we don’t remove the dead cells first, it is much harder for creams and lotions to be successful in moisturising the skin.

Make sure you choose a nourishing body wash with natural ingredients and try to avoid ingredients such as “sodium lauryl sulphate” which can cause irritation s and dry the skin out.

Dry body brushing is a very popular daily treatment for many of the Scandinavian countries and is a wonderful way to rid the skin of dead skin cells, and it also improves circulation, which then feeds the skin from the inside.

Another perfect way to exfoliate and moisture the skin at the same time, is to use a body scrub that also incorporates skin friendly oils such as pure coconut oil. A perfect product to achieve this (also personal favourite of mine) is the “Pure Fiji Sugar Scrub”. The sugar works firstly as a mechanical scrub, and as it breaks down through massage it cleverly develops into a chemical AHA to dissolve any remaining dead skin cells. This for optimum results this treatment should be performed at least once a week.

The second step is to then choose a nutritious body cream (dry skin) or lotion (normal to dry) to deliver daily nourishment to the skin. You can personalise these creams to suits your skin type such as using the lighter lotion in the day and a heavier cream for night.

Once the skin is looking and feeling healthy again you could even contemplate a fake tan! then your spring skin is ready for summer!

Written by Skin Guru – Catriona Clayton

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